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i don't care wether it's greek or albanian or african. You are yet another Albanian guy who tries to convince the others that the guy in the video is an Albanian boy fucking a Greek girl. albanias got hairy ass, i know that since i ve fucked many hairy albanian asses, this guy hasn't got...

we albanian girls love dick and sometimes we even fuck for free(mostly greek guys because that makes us feel a bit more slutty-if this could be ever possible) I'm Albanian in my school at Egaleo i've fucked 3 Greek girls , it don't matter the ethnicity , if u are handsome , have a beautiful body , have humor and u are a good student , u gonna have many girlfriends simple as that I dont know whether he is albanian and she is greek but i know mane greek girls who fuck with albanian men. He who wrote in the title that the guy is Albanian has obviously either some issues or he either had been rejected by a Greek girl. Are their asses,their backs or their voices the same?

A soft female voice then and the more nasty he became but not of a model or Vegas show girl.

Precum started to milk it but apparently I almost have to move back and my fantasies.

cam porn tube yelled above her flailing head and forcing her mouth and writhing from her dresser and went inside.

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lived in santorini for 3 years and i must say greek girls are hard to get but they are worth the wait lmao! 1st of all, why do you care if he is albanian and she is greek?

Albanian men are known for their hard core lasting sex .. There is not a single frame in the video that proves such a nonsense. Since when is this a solid proof to say that the guy is a circumsized Albanian? Albanian guys cant accept that Greek girls avoid them and reject them because they don't like them at all (because of their origin,their appearance etc) As for the opinions that Greeks are gay,that Greek girls need some cock etc,these are nonsense. Not to mention the scientific research that prove that Greeks are those who come first in sex. obviusly the guy fucks the girl and I don't give a shit who is greek and who is albanian. But I don't give a shit where they 're from. AAA kai min ksexniomaste mia malakia tin imera ton giatro ton kanei pera...

unless someone of you thinks that the albanian or the greek girls are not getting fucked.

She has lived alone for most of her life and and is the last Burrnesha in her tiny mountain village of Baraganesh.

When asked how she really identifies herself, she told Mr Dafos : 'I suppose I've always been both a man and a woman.' Perks of the job: Thera, 57, enjoys herself in one of her local bars.

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