Backdating notarized documents

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The result was the business owner could quickly see if anything was up by comparing the ledger entries.

However in the modern world DEBK is done on a computer with only one person doing the entries, the security of the system is gone.

And in my state the notary has to keep a record of the document he signs; this one won't be in his records if he's ever asked.

But if you need to switch the deed on a piece of property, change ownership of a bank account, or give yourself power of attorney over someone else, hacking the notary system makes the job a lot easier.

If he does, apologize for your honest mistake and try again elsewhere.

Of course, you're better off visiting a notary who charges by the document: he'll be more likely to appreciate the stack of documents you've brought to him and less likely to ask questions.

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Many countries have the concept of a "notary public." Their training and authority varies from country to country; in the United States, their primary role is to witness the signature of legal documents.

The “Corporate Assignment of Mortgage,” appears to have been back-dated.

It was dated October 16, 2008 and recorded in the corresponding registry of deeds on October 29, 2008, after the foreclosure had been completed. Bank, Massachusetts foreclosure defense, Massachusetts foreclosure defense attorney lawyer, Massachusetts foreclosure law, trustee.

However, at the top of the document, it stated: “Date of Assignment: June 13, 2007,” in an obvious attempt to date it back prior to the foreclosure. Bank claimed that the back-dated mortgage assignment was merely a confirmatory assignment in compliance with the Nothing in the document indicates that it is confirmatory of an assignment executed in 2007. Juarez and Glenn Russell will now get the opportunity to litigate their claims in the lower court. The take-away from this case is that courts are finally beginning to scrutinize the problematic mortgage assignments in wrongful foreclosure cases.

Many important legal documents require notarization in addition to a signature, primarily as a security device.

When I get a document notarized, I present my photo ID to a notary public.

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