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Originally created for video gaming enthusiasts to converse via text and calls while playing their favorite games, Discord became a meetup place for members of the far right in the run-up to the 2016 election.

Many of the Discord channels Reveal reviewed were shut down by the company in the days following the Charlottesville rally.

are under attack.” Organizers advised attendees planning to bring guns, which proved to be a popular choice, to be extremely judicious about using them.

“We are not going to prevent anyone or take anyone’s guns as long as you guys are doing it legally,” an organizer said in one group planning conference call.

12 failed in their ability to control the Charlottesville, Va., crowd that had been whipped up into a frenzy by white nationalist rhetoric. The group’s best-laid plans failed spectacularly, unraveled by organizers’ inability to control the Charlottesville, Virginia, crowd that had been whipped up into a frenzy by the rhetoric of the white nationalist movement.

Credit: Steve Helber/Associated Press Organizers of the Unite the Right rally had a clear plan, according to the group’s chat and conference calls: Avoid obvious neo-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan symbols. A review of the chat logs and audio recordings by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting shows that the event’s organizers worked to obscure the most racist elements of their movement from public view, yet did not want to repudiate it internally.

The communications before and after the event show that: That was clearly the intent of last weekend’s right-wing protests in the San Francisco Bay Area, where organizers disavowed white supremacy, but reveled in inciting confrontations that would make their opponents appear violent and unhinged.

Some suggested the military-style body armor also served a propaganda purpose, reinforcing the argument that they had reason to protect themselves from violent counterprotesters.The organizers advised falling back on the self-defense defense.“If you find yourself confronted by Antifa,” one user wrote, “Remeber (sic) you ‘Felt your life threatened’ and do not try to justify anything you did to the cops.” Neither Kessler nor Mosley responded to requests for comment. Within three minutes the statue was ours and Antifa was running scared.” Users expressed concerns about antifa doing everything from tipping over portable bathrooms while rally attendees were inside to spraying super soakers filled with gasoline at them while they carried lit tiki torches. “If anybody is scared of a conflict with antifa,” wrote one user, “youre (sic) probably in the wrong place.” “I feel like antifa are less likely to fuck with us if we’re armed to the teeth,” added another.“I’m not sure that having armed participants is actually bad for optics anyway.I’d bet it would show a lot of the NRA cucks who the TRUE defenders of their country really are and could likely lead many of them to join the cause,” the user wrote, using a slang term derived from “cuckold.” The iconic “Make America Great Again” baseball caps popularized by Trump’s presidential campaign served a similar purpose.

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