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While hunting in the woods, a young 26-year-old Süleyman is informed that his father Sultan Selim has died.

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İbrahim becomes seriously ill and Nigar, Matrakçı and Sümbül get him to one of the hot springs in order to heal him.

The Valide Sultan and some people show displeasure with this marriage as they consider it unacceptable.

Furious, Mahidevran also requests to spend her life as a free woman, which Süleyman denies.

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian girl named Alexandra gets kidnapped in a Tartar slave raid. She is finally sold to the Topkapı Palace in Istanbul, and accepted into the Sultan's harem.

Nigar (one of the main Harem leaders) explains to Alexandra that if she behaves herself and does as she is told, she will be summoned by the Sultan, and if she gives him a son, she will rule the world as a Sultana.

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