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The radio would be unplugged, and the cast-iron cooking stove would grow cold.Floyd Lavallee has cleaned ducks at the famed Sports Afield Duck Club in St. He's joined by his wife and some of his adult children in the camp's duck-cleaning shack, where as many as 100 ducks are cleaned daily.The camp was founded by the late Jimmy Robinson of the Twin Cities.“This program is on every Saturday morning,” Floyd, 70, said, grinning. Floyd signed on as the camp’s chief duck plucker in 1961, and every morning since, from mid-September to freeze-up, he has reported to his labors in a building that sits behind the camp’s lodge and measures about the size of a large ice-fishing shanty.“It’s called ‘Métis Hour Times 2.’ ” in Canadian parlance, was founded by the late Jimmy Robinson, whose initial operation was begun in 1935 in an old farmhouse on the edge of nearby Delta Marsh. Swinging open the shack door at 8 a.m., he flips on the old-time radio and builds a wood fire in a cast-iron cooking stove.

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