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Fexofenadine is associated with a lower risk of cardiac arrhythmia compared to terfenadine.

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H-antihistamines can be administered topically (through the skin, nose, or eyes) or systemically, based on the nature of the allergic condition.

The authors of the American College of Chest Physicians Updates on Cough Guidelines (2006) recommend that, for cough associated with the common cold, first-generation antihistamine-decongestants are more effective than newer, non-sedating antihistamines.

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Infrequent adverse effects include urinary retention, palpitations, hypotension, headache, hallucination, and psychosis.-receptors and have a better tolerability profile compared to the first-generation agents.This term is used to describe drugs that antagonise histamine H1 receptors.They are used primarily to treat disorders where abnormal or excessive histamine release by inflammatory cells is thought to underly illness.As such, they are very polar, meaning that they do not cross the blood–brain barrier and act mainly outside the central nervous system.However, some second-generation antihistamines, notably cetirizine, can interact with CNS psychoactive drugs such as bupropion and benzodiazepines.-antihistamines are second-generation antihistamines informally labeled third-generation because the active enantiomer (levocetirizine) or metabolite (desloratadine and fexofenadine) derivatives of second-generation drugs are intended to have increased efficacy with fewer adverse drug reactions.

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