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Participants may watch a video, listen to a speaker, take part in role-play scenarios, complete work sheets and journal entries or engage in other activities related to the presentation of information by professionals on specific topics.This part of the session may take up to half the time in a one-hour group.Anyone who doesn't want to share details can state her name and pass to the next person.Some people will have a lot to share while others may not be ready to open up.Joining a support group can be an intricate component for healing and finding comfort following the death of a loved one.

The facilitator may ask each person to share his name if she's attended a group before and what type of loss she is grieving.

The facilitator welcomes members and introduces the themes, structure and ground rules for the group.

This may take ten or fifteen minutes as the facilitator will only present this information during the first session because all participants begin on the same day.

Depending on the specific type and format of the group, topics cover a wide range of emotions and personal experiences.

Some common grief support group topics include: For the last ten minutes, the facilitator may recap the overarching themes of that day's discussion.

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