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The one you are reading now started back in 2012, and this is one of the most popular pages on my website every year.Without question, this tool is the my favorite of all the free Fantasy Football draft tools.

This is a nice tool put out there by David Dodds that helps you get an idea of the Fantasy value of every draft pick in a draft.(Funny thing — for all of 2016, I apparently had “genius” spelled in the headline as “genuis” because I’m that smart.) This is actually a pretty cool layout for a community discussion about your Fantasy Football issues. While all that is old news, it’s the layout that is great and will have you answering more and more questions.You’ll go here, ask a Fantasy question (Should I make this trade? Cockcroft posts his consistency ratings weekly, during the season, but in the offseason, these are helpful to look at to see which players consistently do what you expect them to do.There are some tools out there that are similar, and I discuss that in some cases, but for my money (just kidding, they’re free! I also post the 21 Best Free In-Season Fantasy Football Lineup Tools For 2017 every year, too!As the summer wears on, I’ll be updating this page, removing the ones that are no longer available, and adding new ones that I’ve recently found.

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